Take Your SUP with You Wherever there is Water

A new water sport has captured the attention of everyone that enjoys surfing and other extreme water sports across the world – this sport is known as stand up paddle surfing.  When you are paddle surfing, you stand on an SUP, or stand up paddleboard, and you paddle out into the water.  This form of surfing has gained a lot of popularity not only because it is a fun way to get a complete workout, but also because you can participate in this fun leisure activity anywhere there is water – even on flatwater since you don’t need waves to enjoy the art of using a stand up paddleboard.

A Unique Water-Sport

Stand up paddle surfing is very unique in the world of water sports as it combines kayaking with surfing to create something completely new.  From an exercise perspective, you can’t do much better than paddle surfing.  When you are on your stand up paddleboard, you will work out your entire core muscles, as well as help develop balance and endurance, and even have a full cardio workout as you paddle.  This has grown into a popular workout since it can be done anywhere there is water.

People have been using their stand up paddleboards for fun and exercise anywhere there is water.  People will use them not only in the ocean, but also on lakes, in the bayou, and swimming pools.  It is also becoming increasingly common to see people using their stand up paddleboards on rivers – both calm rivers as well as on rapids for brave souls seeking an intense adventure.

What Type of SUP is Right for Me?

There are different types of SUPs you can choose from depending on where you think you may primarily use it.  One of the more popular options for people – especially ones who like to use their stand up paddleboard on river rapids – is to use an inflatable SUP.  An inflatable SUP offers you a few advantages over a traditional stand up paddleboard.  The first advantage is obvious – portability.  It is much easier to have an Travel SUP that is ready so you can take it with you without it taking up too much room.  Of course, a stand up paddleboard that you can inflate and deflate is going to be much more portable than a rigid board.

Another advantage is that an inflatable SUP can be more durable than a traditional stand up paddleboard.  Especially if you are using your inflatable SUP on a river, where there are a lot of rocks around, your inflatable SUP is far more resistant to damage on the rocks than a traditional board would be.  With the additional benefit of it being the perfect size to enable you to take it with you on any excursion you choose, the inflatable SUP is a great choice for those new to the sport.

No matter what you may choose for your first stand up paddleboard, you will be able to use it anywhere there is a body of water for a fun workout.


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