Surfing With a SUP – The Latest Trend in Surfing

The hottest and latest trend in water sports is to use an SUP, or a stand up paddleboard.  Essentially, you stand on a very large surfboard and paddle through the water with a long paddle.  While this is a very ancient form of surfing – early surfing was done on a stand up paddleboard or on a finless surfboard that required you to drag your foot in the water for a fin – it has become extremely popular because it has become so easy to learn in addition to being a fun leisure activity.

A Moment to Learn, a Lifetime to Master

When you are on calm, flat water, a stand up paddleboard can be very easy to get the hang of.  If you aren’t near a coast with waves, but still want to simulate the feeling of surfing, you can use a stand up paddleboard on any body of water, such as a lake or river.  It also provides a lot of great exercise, which combined with its easy learning curve has made it popular with children and pensioners alike as a way to stay active.

For people who want a good workout, taking an inflatable SUP onto a river and paddling into a standing wave can provide a great amount of exercise.  This is because the standing wave in a river’s rapids is caused by rocks, meaning once you paddle into it, you will have a wave to ride until you either fall or simply exhaust yourself.  An inflatable SUP is recommended for this, since they are softer and provide higher durability when it comes to rocks.  A regular stand up paddle board could become seriously damaged.  Another benefit of an inflatable SUP is the option to deflate it when you are done for the day and heading home, making it a lot more portable.

The Ultimate In Cross Training

When you use a stand up paddleboard as a way to get a great workout, you will not be disappointed.  It is the best way to achieve a complete workout that targets your core muscles.  It will also help you build up your endurance, teach you balance, and with all the paddling involved can also provide you with a good cardio workout all at the same time.

It isn’t uncommon to hear a stand up paddleboard be referred to as an oversized surfboard.  They are larger, but mostly thicker in order to provide better floatation.  The size of a stand up paddleboard – be it a normal board or an inflatable SUP – will range typically anywhere between 9 and a half feet to 12 and a half feet long.  They will also have three fins to help assist with turning and to provide greater stability.

Because you can use an SUP anywhere, they are starting to completely reinvent the idea of surfing, especially since it is much easier for people to get started using a stand up paddleboard than it is a traditional surfboard.  You can be on your and feet surfing in no time with an SUP, enjoying all the fun and adventure the water has to offer you.


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