Is A Travel Ready Inflatable SUP Right For You?

Quite possibly the hottest trend not only in surfing, but in all water-sports right now is to take to the water on a stand up paddleboard, or SUP.  Essentially, you are standing on an oversized surfboard with a long paddle and using that to navigate you through the water.  There are many reasons why this fun new leisure activity has taken the world by storm.  Not only does paddleboarding have a much more forgiving learning curve than traditional surfing, but it is also a great way to get an intense workout while having fun.  Since you can use a stand up paddleboard on any body of water – anything from the ocean to lakes, rivers and pools – it is also much more accessible to more people than surfing is.  It is also more portable than traditional surfboards thanks to the fact that you are able to choose from purchasing either a traditional rigid stand up paddleboard, or a travel ready inflatable SUP.

How can you tell if a travel ready inflatable SUP or a standard rigid stand up paddleboard is right for you?  It is important to determine where you will primarily be using your stand up paddleboard in order to tell which the right one for you is.

Where Will You Be Paddleboarding?

If you are planning on doing more wave riding with your stand up paddleboard, you may want to consider a hardshell SUP over an inflatable SUP.  This is because you will have more options for performance and stability.  It’s recommended that you have a high performance board that would be 10 feet long or under.

If you are planning on doing more flatwater paddling, on a lake or in rivers, or just a harbor, then you may want to consider a travel ready inflatable SUP.  This is because they are much more portable than a hardshell SUP, so it is much easier to pack up and go wherever your adventures may take you.  Especially if you are considering paddling on rivers, an inflatable SUP will be much more resistant to any rocks you may encounter that could cause a great deal of damage to a hardshell SUP.

Portability Leads To Adventure

A travel ready inflatable SUP is also better if you are planning on doing a lot of touring.  This is because of the versatility an inflatable SUP provides you.  No matter what age or ability you are, an inflatable SUP provides a great introduction to Stand Up Paddle Board.  Plus, the fact that they are so portable means it will be much easier for you to take it with you to explore different spots and explore many different bodies of water.  One day you might want to paddle around your local harbor whilst another you may want to take it with you on a weekend camping excursion and do some paddling on a distant lake or river.  No matter what water you want, you will be able to paddle with an inflatable SUP without any problems thanks to how portable your travel ready inflatable SUP is.





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