How to Stay Dry While Enjoying Your Stand Up Paddleboard

The latest big thing when it comes to water-sports is the incredibly fun activity of stand up paddleboarding.  Stand up paddleboarding is a great leisure activity that provides a great workout for its participants.  It entails that you stand upright on an oversized surfboard and use a long paddle to move through the water.  While technically a form of surfing, it has become incredibly popular on all bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers and even harbors – anywhere there is calm flatwater.  This allows people to get a great workout using their stand up paddleboard while staying dry.

Thanks to stand up paddleboards, and especially the travel ready inflatable SUPs, this form of surfing has become incredibly popular around the world, since you now no longer have to be on a coast in order to enjoy surfing.  Stand up paddleboards have been great for extending the popularity of water-sports since they also eliminate a lot of concerns people who live near colder waters have.  With a stand up paddleboard, it is possible to enjoy surfing and have an active lifestyle on the water without the need to wear a wetsuit or a dry suit, since it is possible to not only stay warm on a SUP, but dry as well.

Dress Properly For Your Climate

It is still recommended that if you are going to be active in colder waters that you wear a wetsuit or a dry suit to help defend against hypothermia, but it is very possible with the proper training, and if you are on calmer waters, to surf on your stand up paddleboard or inflatable SUP while staying dry from your knees up.  This is because a stand up paddleboard is wider and more stable than a traditional surfboard, they also are thicker which gives them much better buoyancy than a surfboard, so you will stay above the water.  It isn’t uncommon to see people out on the water while wearing a sweatshirt and shorts and emerging from the water completely dry except for their feet.

Dress for Your Planned Activity

If you are planning on using your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board to go surfing on the waves, you will have a much harder time staying dry.  This is because you will be out in the waves, and you will also have to paddle through the whitewater in order to get out to the flat water where you can catch a wave.  If you are doing this in cold water, you will certainly need to wear a wetsuit or a dry suit in order to prevent hypothermia from setting in, but in a warmer climate that is ideal for surfing, then shorts and sunscreen will be all the protection you will need.

While determining where you will be using your hardshell or inflatable SUP will determine what clothing is suitable for you, it will also effect what style of paddleboard you have.  If you are planning on calmer waters, such as still rivers, lakes or other such waters, then a smaller stand up paddleboard that provides you with higher maneuverability is a better option than a hardshell.


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